Nurses Practitioner Jobs: Landing Yours With A Great Interview

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Like most jobs in the healthcare industry, nurse practitioner jobs are readily available to those who have the training, skill, and temperament. But often times the key to landing one is the interview process itself. The healthcare industry is a high-pressure one which requires good decision-making ability, self-confidence, knowledge, and a willingness to work within your circumstances and surroundings. All these things can be demonstrated with a good interview.


While there are some basic things all nurse practitioner jobs have in common, they are all unique depending on the type of practice or facility in which they are engaged. In other words, a pediatric nurse practitioner will have day-to-day responsibilities that differ from those of a cardiac nurse practitioner. You need to anticipate the type of questions you'll be asked during the interview, specific to that particular position, and be able to answer them effectively and confidently.

Good preparation involves several factors, not the least of which is researching the medical facility or practice where you'll be working. You need to know specifically what kinds of patients they see, what those patients' needs are, how they are dealt with, etc. Armed with good research you then need to assess your education and skills and come up with a way to present yourself in the best possible light.

The Resume

The resume is vitally important for any interview, regardless of the career choice. In terms of a medical practitioner jobs, your resume should focus on those things relevant to your career path. Highlight your education and practical experience, as well as volunteer work and other related activities. At all costs avoid the temptation to make your resume too long. HR recruiters usually skim the first several paragraphs and that's all. A resume that's too long will be relegated to the circular file.

Be sure to include a polite and straightforward cover letter. A cover letter should state your interest in the job as well as a brief explanation as to why you believe you are the ideal candidate. Above all, make sure to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Being a nurse practitioner is a very detail oriented job. Employers are suspect of those who cannot write cover letters and resumes properly.

The Interview

The interview itself is where you will make or break your job prospects. If you made it this far, that means you already impressed the employer with your resume and cover letter. Now it's time to demonstrate through your interview that you are the right candidate. This starts with having the proper amount of self-confidence. Answer questions clearly, specifically, without fear, and with your head held high.

Also be sure to ask at least one or two relevant questions. Like it or not, recruiters are taught to solicit questions from candidates just to see where their minds are at. Questions you ask should be related to things surrounding job performance, expectations, working conditions, etc. Stay away from questions relating to pay and benefits.
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Nurses Practitioner Jobs: Landing Yours With A Great Interview

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This article was published on 2011/04/01