Interview Blues

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Once the civil services examination results are out, most of the short listed candidates are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The reason is pretty obvious, the fear that they have within themselves. All the candidates who succeed in civil services examination undergo a rigorous study schedule and now when they are so close to achieve what they always aspired for, this little hurdle called an exam, puts so much on the stake for them.

Many of us do not understand that this interview is just like any other interview, just slightly refined. Just like any other interview this interview also dwells on the fact you. The interviewer wants to understand the capabilities of an individual. Here, past accomplishments, current engagements and the vision for future plays a major role. While preparing for the interview you should always keep yourself in the center.

The other very important aspects of the interview are knowledge and your personality. The knowledge quotient is tested to view the candidates capabilities to counter ever growing problems of the democracy. The applicants are exposed to questions that demand an analytical and critical bent towards the administrative structure. After all, if you succeed in your interview you will be administering the worlds second most populous country.

Personality is a very important aspect of an interview. Personality here means the additional qualities that you possess. The task is to check the candidate and conclude whether the person has the courage to take this challenging job and can deliver the results. Being nervous or in a state of panic is a sure shot no. Candidates enthusiasm and energy plays a very important role in the selection procedure. Always remember, this interview is your only chance to prove your conviction and passion for the civil services.

Make the most of the opportunity that you have got. As an advice never prepare answers for the questions that you think might be asked. Always give instant replies and never hesitate to put your point across. Selection of words, intonation and vocabulary plays a major role here.

While preparing for the interview, try and focus on points that might make the environment light and breathable. Accept the fact that you will be nervous while entering the room of the interviewer but you have to find ways how to motivate yourself and keep the energy rushing.

Always remember the task for the interview is not to haunt you with questions or put you in an uncomfortable situation. The only reason to conduct an interview is to make you more aware about the responsibilities and situations that you might find yourself into once you become a part of the governing machinery and the innovative ways to deal with it.

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Interview Blues

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This article was published on 2010/12/07