How to answer the interview questions intelligently ?

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You have just landed an interview for a seemingly wonderful job! Now it is time to well prepare for an interview. Employers often give questions to know whether candidates have enough skills and experiences for job or not. In addition, interview questions are also focused on your personality, ability to integrate into a new team as well as your business ethics and values. There is not a common rule for these questions, but in this article, I will provide you with some questions that are often asked in an interview and the best answers aiming at helping you more confident before your job interview.


1. Could you introduce yourself?


This question is often asked to begin an interview. Many candidates make mistakes in this question when they focus on their hobbies and interest. You have to remember that you are in a contest in which the most outstanding person will be selected. So your answer has to be correct and intelligent. You should start with a summary of your work experience as well as your career achievements. Moreover, you also need to emphasize your education achievements and any other achievements or essential skills involving to the job. After that you can talk in brief about your hobbies and interests.


2. Could you talk to me about some your working experience?


Asking this question, employers can know not only how you describe your experience but the accuracy of information in your CV as well. Therefore, you should study your CV carefully and remember experience associating with the job that you have applied. It is obvious that employers have read your CV and have particular impression. So drawing employers into the discussion on what areas you have had experiences can help you show your capability.


3. What are your strong points? What are your weak points?


In this question, you should highlight your strong ponts that match with recruiter's requirements. Besides, no one is perfect, so you should list your weaknesses. However, it is very unfavorable if your weaknesses that you have given out are impossible to improve. Thus, try to list your problems that you can improve and explain the way you do.


4. Tell me the way you resolve the conflicts?


Asking this question, recruiters can know exactly fields in which you have experience as well as how you solve the conflicts. You can bring out the situation that you got in the past and explain the way you controlled the conflict and lesson you learn from that. It is better that you should show your will and your ability in improving from the situations in working.


5. Do you know our company? Why you want to work here?


Before your interview, you should research about the company to have enough useful information to answer questions especially this question. It is clear that the interviewers will know more about the company than you do, so you do not argue with them the correction of information. You had better let them correct what information is not inaccurate.


"Why do you want to work here"? You should mention what you interested in the company as well as how you feel when you have opportunity to  contribute to the company's success. It is essential to express that you are the best candidate with your value and you not only can see the objectives of company but also have ability to help company achieve them.


6. What is your short term goal and how can you gain it?


You have to understand what short term goal is. It is a goal that you have to achieve in one or 2 years. You can say about the manner you will apply to improve a skill or gain a qualification that is vital for your career. You should consider carefully when bring out a short term goal in which the reality and possibility are must. On the other hands, showing your eagerness and aspiration to reach the success can point out your ability in encouraging other employees.


7. In your opinion, how you are in the next five years?


When it come this question, it is necessary for you to concentrate on your career goal and ambition. You can talk to them about your objectives 5 years ago and the way you came closer to those objectives. As resulted, in the present you have gained what you want.


8. What are you looking for in a job?


With this question, the recruiters expect what you are looking in a job are similar to what they are looking for in yourself. Hence, to have a clever answer, you have to make sure that you have done research well on recruitment ads. Lastly, you just answer what you think the interviewers hope to hear from you.


9. Do you have any offer for the salary?


Many people said that they feel confused when being asked this question. Preparing how to answer it can help you lessen your stress. You should ask your friends or relatives who have worked at the same position about the salary or research the salary that is offered in some recruitment ads on the newspapers or the Internet. In the interview, it is better that you try not to give out an exactly number but let the employers make you an offer. Do not talk about the salary except for being asked.


10. Do you have any questions?


You should prepare some questions for the interviewers that display your keenness and interest in joining the company.


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How to answer the interview questions intelligently ?

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This article was published on 2009/12/03