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It is only a few days away from the interview proper, and you have researched and studied all that you can on the company.  You have also prepared and answered some of the questions commonly asked.  At least, you can now safely say that you will come prepared for the interview.

What else then do you need to do?

The Dress Code

Dressing appropriately is, of course, one of the keys in acing the interview.  For this reason, your clothes should be professional as well as smart.  Do not “dress to kill,” meaning you should never over-accessorize yourself.  On the other hand, you should not dress down, too.  Show your professionalism by dressing appropriately and professionally.

A Minute and a Half

Opinions and first impressions are said to be developed during the first minute and a half of the interview.  For this reason, you have to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

Here are some of the things that you have to be conscious of:

  1. Your body language will show who you are before your mouth can even speak for you.  It is important then that you have a ready smile on your face when you walk into the door.  Make sure, too, that you meet the eyes of the interviewers, especially when you exchange firm handshakes with them, as well as throughout the interview itself.  This shows confidence in yourself.
  2. Do not sit unless you were offered one, and do not sit unless all the interviewers are seated.
  3. Your confidence should show not only in your mannerisms and in the way you speak but also in the tone of your voice.  Make sure that you look just as enthusiastic as you sound.  In the same vein, make sure that you appear alert and attentive to what is being said during the interview.  Never, ever slouch on your seat or fidget too much.
  4. Make sure that you completely understand the question first before answering them, and when you speak, make sure that your voice is confident and that you are clearly understood by the interviewers.
  5. Speaking too much is a sign of nervousness, so refrain from talking too much, especially about those unrelated to the questions.

Common Do’s and Don’ts During the Interview


  1. Do turn off your mobile phone prior t the interview.  It is a big turn-off if your mobile phone suddenly rang in the middle of the interview and there is the awkward silence wherein you all wait whether you will the answer the phone or not.
  2. There will be icebreaker questions prior to the interview proper to make you feel at ease, so do take the time to control your nerves.
  3. Do address your interviewers appropriately.  To be on the safe side, use the usual salutations such as Mr. or Ms.
  4. They will ask you why you want to leave your current job, so do answer positively like the need for new challenges and better opportunities.  It will just hurt your chances if you bash your previous employer.
  5. Since you have researched about the company, do prepare some questions that you could ask the interviews as well.  This will show just how interested you are in the position and how much you want to learn more about the company.  Remember, you will be working for them if you do land the job, and showing interest in the company can greatly increase your chances of getting the position.
  6. Do show confidence at all times, but make sure that you do not come across as being arrogant or even aggressive.
  7. Do thank the interviewer after the interview.
  8. Do reassert your desire to work for the company and getting the position before you leave.


  1. Do not be late.  It is a big no-no in interviews.
  2. Do not direct the interview.  You are the interviewee, not the interviewer.
  3. Do not show ignorance about the company or lack of knowledge about the position you are applying for.
  4. Do not lie in your CV and during the interview.  In the same vein, do not lie about your qualifications, skills, and expertise by deleting or exaggerating some information about yourself.
  5. Do not evade questions, and do not take too long a time in answering them.
  6. Do not bash your former employers.
  7. Do not fight with your interviewers.
  8. Do not give out unnecessary details about yourself like answering questions not even asked.
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Chef Interview Tips – The Interview

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Chef Interview Tips – The Interview

This article was published on 2011/05/15