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Tiger Woods At Augusta 2011


Even Tiger Woods' latest world rankings fell to No. 7 on Monday, but as the four time U.S. Masters champion, Tiger Woods in the first major championship of the year, popularity is beyond compare, even defending champion Phil Mickelson, is also not as popular as Woods. So if Woods got a chance to choose from taylormade r11 driver and a Nike equipment, regardless of the money they may offer him, which one do you think he will choose?

Tuesday noon, the media center interview room for the arrival of the two biggest names in particularly lively. Mickelson entered the interview room on time 12, 172 seats sold out the interview room for the first time, an hour before Martin Krymer's interview, sitting only about half of the seat. Schedule an interview with Tiger Woods in 13:00, the broadcast media center arrived 10 minutes earlier, most of the reporters quickly put down their work and went straight into the interview room. Woods came in, all the seats already filled, the last side of the aisle against the wall, or stand or squat and squeeze into 30 people. He is that popular, so are callaway ft i-brid irons as popular a

When the host asked him to make a brief introduction about last week's preparations for Augusta, he sure did some serious pre work, just like we practice with taylormade burner superfast 2.0 fairway wood at our backyard. Woods answered 47 questions. Mickelson answered 36, Krymer answered 29 questions.

Some tips, This golf tip discusses the best one that I have ever received. No, it wasn't about "adding distance to your drives." Nor was it about "foolproof putting." Instead, believe it or not, the best tip I have ever received was on fairway bunkers.

The entire essence of the tip is as follows? "keep your lower body as still as possible when hitting a fairway bunker shot".

It was quite a long time ago that I received the tip. (At a summer golf camp and I believe his name was Dan Mulhearn.) It also seems eerie that ten years after the fact, I still think about it every time I enter a fairway bunker. Because of this, I have always felt comfortable and been able to execute out of a fairway trap, no matter what condition my game has been in. A big thing to remember is that because it is a less aggressive swing, you will need to take extra club.

As for the over the top slicer, this softer lower body will result in less spin of your hips. Anytime you spin out and get that right side moving out and over, this will lead to chopping. Whenever you chop, especially in a fairway bunker, you have almost zero chance of executing the shot. Instead, you need to pick the ball as clean as possible. This quiet lower body will help you do this.

To further encourage this "picking it clean" action, your right shoulder should feel like it remains stationary to begin the downswing.

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Augusta Hottie Tiger Woods

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This article was published on 2011/04/07